I. Ya. Akinfiev and representatives of the Kiev Botanical School: unknown pages of communication

Varfolomii Stepanovych Savchuk


The issue of relations between the Ekaterinoslav botanist and geographer and the florist I. Ya. Akinfiev with the representatives of the Kiev botanical school was studied. The lack of knowledge of this topic is shown. The main representatives of this school were identified: I. F. Shmalhausen, professor of botany at Kiev University, and his apprentice in science V. I. Lipsky. The latter subsequently in 1922–1927, was president of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Factors that contributed to the establishment of contacts and professional relations by I. Ya. Akinfiev and I. Shmalhausen, were considered. The main component of these contacts was the activity of I. Ya. Akinfiev as a collector of the botanical collections of vegetation of the European flora and the need for assistance from I. F. Shmalhausen in the development of collections of Caucasian vegetation carried out by I. Ya. Akinfiev. Is given Inscripts dedicated by I. Ya. Akinfiev to I. F. Shmalhausen, as well as is disclosed the history of the save monography of I. Ya. Akinfiev's "Flora of the Central Caucasus", donated to I. F. Shmalhausen. Previously unknown data on the relationship of another representative of the Kiev Botanical School V. I. Lipsky and I. Ya. Akinfiev are presented. Factors that contributed to the rapprochement and friendship of these botanists are considered. The professional interests, the closeness of views on the development of botanical science and the role in this development of plant taxonomy, social origin (both were from clerical family) were identified as the main factors. Intellectual development, knowledge of many languages, ethnography and professional attitude to her, aspiration to create botanical gardens, as centers of conservation of rare and disappearing vegetation, promoted their rapprochement and friendship. Information is provided on joint expeditions of I. Ya. Akinfiev and V. I. Lipsky to the Caucasus with the aim of herbaricization of the Caucasian flora. An attempt was made to determine the beginning of these expeditions. It is shown that V. I. Lipsky highly valued the botanical works of I. Ya. Akinfiev and put them on a par with the works of K. F. Ledebour, F. I. Ruprecht and other famous researchers of the flora of the Caucasus. A number inscripts of V. I. Lipsky's in books, which he presented to I. Ya. Akinfiev, are cited. They testify to the deeply respectful and friendly relations between the future president of the All‒Ukrainian Academy of Sciences V. I. Lipsky and the Ekaterinoslav florist and geographer‒botanist I. Ya. Akinfiev. The author substantiates the assertion that I. Ya. Akinfiev also belonged to the Kiev school of botanists I. F. Shmalhausen.


Professional and personal relations; Factors of communication; Unknown inscriptions


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