Entrepreneurship in the Personal Life and Family Memories of the Dnipro and ATO Fighters

Iryna Reva


The aim of the article is to study the entrepreneurial characteristics, attitudes and behavioral patterns of Ukrainian volunteer soldiers who have their own entrepreneurial experience and / or whose family memory has been saved examples of successful management of ancestors.

In this study was used an interdisciplinary approach, the following historical and psychological methods of research were applied such as the method of oral history, psychodiagnostic method, biographical method, retrospective, comparative, and others.

The main results of this work are the definition of such personal qualities of military, who are entrepreneurs: developed subjectivity, determined by faith in the effectiveness of their actions; leadership qualities and organizational skills; readiness to assume responsibility; creativity, ingenuity; the existence of a clear system of values; desire for self-identity; faith in the justice of the universe; preparedness for risk; active civic position; formed Ukrainian national identity. Some respondents who are descendants of repressed people have mistrust of the authorities and state institutions; shyness towards the expression of Ukrainian identity; readiness to rely only on oneself.

Concise conclusions. During the rebuilt of the Ukrainian Army, especially in early 2014, to a large extent, the very entrepreneurial features allowed entrepreneurs to show themselves as active, creative, organizational strength.

Practical meaning. The observations in this article can be taken into account when enrolling in the military service of citizens with entrepreneurial experience.

Originality. For the first time in the focus of the study were features, outlook settings and patterns of Ukrainian military, who are entrepreneurs.

The scientific novelty is the application of a transgenic approach that allows a deeper understanding of the mechanism of the formation of the ideological system of the personality of the Ukrainian military, who are entrepreneurs.

Type of article: empirical.


Military Volunteer; Civil Society; Antiterrorist operation; War in Ukraine; Dispossession; Holodomor

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/30190217


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