Food Relations of Ukraine and the RSFSR in 1918 − the first half of 1919

Dmytro Arkhireyskyi


The purpose of the article is to establish and investigate the dependence of the population of Soviet Russia, which in 1918 − the first half of 1919 was suffering from the food crisis caused by the policy of the Bolsheviks, as well as the communist regime itself on Ukrainian food, also, to review the plans of the RSFSR leadership on Ukrainian agricultural resources in the context of the actual conquest of Russia by Ukraine in early 1919.

Methods of research: chronological, structural-system, logical-historical.

The main results. The reasons for the birth in Russia in 1918 of the traffic of bagmen and the peculiarities of the penetration of Russian private suppliers into the territory of Ukraine were researched; the reaction of the Ukrainian State to the appearance of Russian bagmen in the country was studied; the level of efficiency of trade relations of independent Ukraine and RSFSR is analyzed; the relationship between the food situation in Russia and the attempts of the Bolsheviks to overcome it by establishing control over Ukrainian bread in the first half of 1919 was established; it has been proved that the establishment of the Bolshevik authorities in Ukraine and the introduction of the policy of the War Communism here meant the use of force, non-economic methods of influencing Ukrainian peasants for the purpose of actually extracting food resources from them.

Practical significance. The results of the article are recommended for use in synthetic works on the history of Ukraine and Russia during the revolution period of 1917−1921, as well as for the development of special courses on the history of Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe. These materials can also be used to promote historical knowledge.

Originality. The article is completely original, performed on the basis of the generalization of the experience of a number of domestic and foreign researchers with the involvement of archival and narrative sources.

Scientific novelty. For the first time in the national historiography, the data revealing the reasons and the peculiarities of the food crisis in Soviet Russia in 1918, and also the doom of a significant part of the Russians to self-help, were synthesized and investigated; the dependence of the starving population of Russia and its authorities on Ukrainian food was first shown; the ways of obtaining Ukrainian bread by Russian bagmen and the Bolshevik regime in the context of the events of the end of 1918 − the first half of 1919 were highlighted.

Type of article: anlytical.


Bolsheviks; Food crisis; Bread; Bagmen

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