M. Posen's life and activities according to personal sources

Mykola Bulanyi


The article analyzes the figure of M. Posen through the prism of the attitude of his contemporaries to him, which in turn made it possible to determine the main features of the formation of the public memory of this figure. In the course of the study, methods of comparative, hermeneutic and genealogical analysis were used. However, the main method for creating the image of M. Posen in the memoir was the method of “thick description”, that is, a sampling of representative sources, on the basis of which one can create a holistic image of man against the backdrop of an era. Attention was focused on the content of the texts of memoirs and their context. It is this combination of methods that allowed us to construct a certain hierarchy of texts with the allocation of desks, which are characteristic for each group of cultivated sources. The findings revealed three prominent conflicts with Russian aristocratic rulers, which greatly affected M. Pozenʼs career. Moreover, the hermeneutical analysis of source materials led to review of the role of Posen in these conflicts. Using personal materials was contributed to identifying the characteristics of this person's daily life, his circle of acquaintances and public opinion that existed around him. Empirical research revises the image of M. Posen, activating the interest of historians to the problems of public memory, especially given the lack of knowledge of this one of the most prominent imperial figures of the first half of the 19th century.


Caucasian Governorship; Peasant Reform 1861


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